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A tale of 2 quilts

It's been very quilt-y round here lately.

Both my parents celebrated their 80th birthdays this month, and being long term divorced, it's a separate gift for each of them.

And what else was I going to give them but a quilt!

The design for my mum's was pretty quickly decided on and the colours chosen. I started rather slowly but the piles of cut fabric soon mounted up and then the sewing began. Pretty quickly the quilt top appeared and then I turned my thoughts to my dad's quilt.

I'd thought I knew what I was going to do for my dad's quilt but I had a change of heart, inspired by my Quibble cushion design. I decided to go super sized and started cutting and assembling the blocks. One of the joys of super big blocks is the speed at which the whole thing comes together.

These quilts were BIG and in order to baste them I had to move some of the furniture around!

Squeezing them through my domestic machine was an exercise in, while, it was an exercise! A decent massage wouldn't have gone amiss after I'd finished.

These two were gifted this last weekend and both parties were happy with their gifts which made all the hard work and aching knees worth while.

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