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I find the whole process of coming up with names for designs really difficult and it always leads to long discussions in our household! So when this new pattern sprung into being, the process started again and for once, was relatively painless.

The first name we came up for was 'chicane' which fitted the design but was a bit obvious so we took to Google, as you do. It turned out that the word chicane is derived from the French verb 'chicaner' which means 'to create difficulties or to dispute pointlessly, to quibble'.` Perfect, the quibble pattern was born.

I'm really pleased with how these look and have found that I'm currently quite obsessed with spring colours inspired by macarons! I think my brain is telling me it wants spring time and sugar!

So far this is only available as a cushion cover but I can see it will develop into a quilt pattern at some point in the future.

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